In the field of varnisher- and workwear
we cover the demanded range in the market:

Simple and budget-priced Styles: BILLY + BILLY-TEF (with Teflon finishing)
Well and fair-priced Styles: COOLY ocean + ICE – Carbon yarn woven into the fabric + multifunctional hood
High-class Styles: SAFETY + TEFFY + TEFFY-GOWN
• With Teflon finishing + carbon yarn
• Fabric Certified regarding important standards (see below)
• GOWNS with multifunctional hood

Our products convince with their fabric of high quality and they are fashionable too. A functional modern cut which is comfortable, and our stylish colours were consequently put into practice. The garment is equally worn in the industry and in trade by auto body shop varnishers, industry varnishers,in technical centers, or by application engineers, or start-up engineer automobile manufacturers.The automobile industry demands garments like ours (style SAFETY/TEFFY - clean room like). We offer an in-house imprinting service (corporate identity).

Varnisher- and Workwear