Vacuum-Evaporators for waste water treatment

FIDI evaporators are built in standard design with a daily efficiency of 150 up to 20.000 liters (at request as well bigger). The equipments are absolutely independent and can be used in 24 hours continuous operation.

The kinds of application are nearly unlimited.

The evaporators are constructed in different types of designs, so that we will of course consider your specific demands at construction.

Only by being innovative in the way of construction it is possible to develop and to build for you an optimal system!

FIDI takes care of the problematical preparation of waste water and offers a system which has a lot of advantages compared with usual methods of waste water preparation. The FIDI system is able to solve useful problems of technical, economical and ecological kind. The principal is based upon evaporating of the waste water with vacuum (final vacuum abt. 30 mbar). The boiling temperature of the waste water is abt. 30°C. The low boiling temperature connected to the construction of the equipments shows many advantages, so as e.g.:

  1. no thermical decomposition of the products in the waste water (reinstatement)
  2. very low arising of crusts
  3. very good results of distillation (reinstatement)
  4. very high concentration of the residue possible
  5. very low energy consumption
  6. completely automatically SPS-control-system causes a low deployment of staff
  7. with only one equipment is the preparation of a variety of waste
    waters possible